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Discernment (2)

Gather & Assess Direction and Calling: Jeremiah 20:9 Consolation and Desolation: John 10:10; 2 Corinthians 3:17 Scripture: Life of Christ: Character growth and development: Eternal Perspective: Community:

Can You Hear Now? Can You Hear That?

Luke 1:26-38 Luke 2:15-20 Discernment-the capacity to recognize and respond to the presence and activity of God (both personally and in community). Three Beliefs Crucial to the Right Practice of Discernment 1. A Belief in the Goodness of God If I am going to be “wide open” to God I must believe at my core that God’s will is the best thing…

Ministering Like Jesus: Survey of the Gospel of Luke

John 14:12 John 5:19 JORDON:Empowered and Affirmed Luke 3:21-37 DESERT: Led by the Spirit into a Clash of Kingdoms Luke 4:1-13 NAZERETH: Commissioned to Restore Life to the Last, Least and Lost Luke 4:14-30 CAPERNAUM: Preached the Word, Evidenced by Kingdom Works Luke 4:31-41 SOLITARY PLACE: Fueled His Life Through Solitude with His Father Luke 4:42-44 LAKE OF GALILEE: Recruited, Trained and…

Generosity: Moving Toward Trust

2 Corinthians 8&9 Do you believe distribution has more blessing than accumulation? “We do not think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.” Would you agree or disagree with that statement? Is this your experience with being generous and giving? “God prospers me not to raise my standard of living, but to raise my standard…