Joining God in making all things new

Second Sunday Brunch Church (food, faith, friendship)

(Due to Covid-19 we are uncertain when we will be able to share a meal together.  April 11 , 2021 would be the soonest we can foresee have brunch together. This date is tentative. We will keep you informed via facebook or contact us by phone or email.) Every second Sunday of the month we will be sharing a meal together. We will begin at 11:00 a.m. with  a short talk, or a spiritual formation practice which will be about 20  minutes in length. Immediately following will be a brunch buffet with lots of great food.   This approach to church originated with Jesus Himself – who used the meal table to befriend the stranger to talk about the Kingdom of God. What this meant to His first followers (whether the house churches of the Jewish believers or the Agape feasts of the Gentile Christians) was to gather friend and stranger to an abundant table, eat a meal together, and talk about Jesus (“remember Me.”) All are welcome! Bring a friend. It is a great time to get to know one another.