Joining God in making all things new

About Us

Our Mission 
The Reason We Exist

Our purpose is “to be and make disciples of Jesus Christ in authentic community for the sake of others.” Our hope is that everyone at Vineyard will engage in the process of actively following Jesus and help others do the same.”

Our vision is what we dare to imagine our future could be like if we passionately and seriously pursue our mission of following Jesus together as his disciples.

 The Vineyard Church of Irondequoit is:

“A community of hope and transformation dedicated to following Jesus.”

 Our strategy is how we will go about pursuing our vision. We see three core ways in which we will do this:

  • Growth: growing in our understanding and experience of God (how we relate to God)
  • Community: developing enriching relationships with one another (how we relate to one another)
  • Servant-hood: engaging in service and care for the world around us (how we relate to the world)

At Vineyard we are all invited to ask three simple questions:

  • Am I practicing disciplines that are helping me grow spiritually?
  • Am I connecting to others in meaningful, life-giving relationships?
  • Am I serving others?

We see being part of the Vineyard is making progress in these three areas, each at our own speed, each in our own unique way.