Joining God in making all things new


Pre-service Prayer:  Sundays at 10:00 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. in the room near the offices.

Children’s Ministry:  We highly value children and healthy family practices. Children are the church of today. We endeavor to include them in all of our practices. We are unable to have children’s ministry for younger children at this time. The nursery is always open and available for parents’ use.  

Prayer Ministry: At the conclusion of the service we offer prayer for your needs from trained prayer team members. This occurs at the front of the church, where prayer team members will be waiting for you. If you would like private prayer ministry, please speak to pastors Jeff or Lisa.

Our monthly rotation of Sunday services will be as follows for May, June, July & August of 2023:

First and Third Sundays: worship and Bible teaching

Second Sundays Brunch Outreach: On the second Sundays we will participate in serving brunch to a group in our community

Fourth Sunday Groups: On the fourth Sundays in May, June, July, and August of 2023 people have the choice of 3 groups to participate in. Art Group (for all ages), Support & Share (see description below), and Interactive Bible sharing.

Fifth Sundays: Sunday Funday!  We will participate as a church in a fun activity (such as baking) and be sharing what we create with others.

Support & Share: This open group will meet every 4th Sunday of the month during regular church service in May, June, July, and August of 2023.   It is available to all and regular attendance is not required. This group is designed to provide a place for people to share their life experiences in a supportive place.

For Bible Studies, Spiritual Formation and other groups please click on the “Life Groups” tab.

School of Kingdom Ministry:   This program may be offered again autumn of 2023. For more information about this ministry and classes please visit School of Kingdom Ministry    

Embracing Hope Ethiopia: We give financial support to Embracing Hope Ethiopia. This is a ministry in Addis Abba that gives much practical love and care to children & mothers to prevent the children from becoming orphans; thus restoring dignity to mothers and children. For more information please visit their webpage.