Joining God in making all things new

First Time

What to expect on a Sunday:

We recognize that attending a church for the first time can be an intimidating process. To make your first trip to the Vineyard a little easier, here are some things you can expect when you show up.    The building will be sanitized before your arrival and hand sanitizer will be available. Wearing a mask is optional, but we recommend that unvaccinated people wear a mask.  If you are ill, we ask you to kindly not attend church to help prevent the spread of Covid.  Please contact us for prayer requests if you are ill at

*What’s the clothing culture?  For years, we’ve told people to “come as you are.” That means you don’t have to dress up to come to a worship service. Because the Vineyard is very casual, you’ll feel comfortable in your jeans and t-shirt. Some folks prefer to dress up, and they fit right in as  well. The point is that we feel church should be about things other than how you dress and look.

ARRIVAL:  When you see our sign at 2150 Portland Ave. follow the long driveway back to the big parking lot.  The entrance is in the rear of the building. There is an area in the lobby with more detailed information about various ministries and brochures about our values, practices and beliefs

FAMILY INCLUSION: We place great value on integrating the family and fostering healthy family practices. Children are the church of today and we believe in their inclusion in adult service. Due to Covid-19 we are asking you to bring your own supplies (books, crayons, etc) for your own children if possible. We are unable to have separate children’s ministry at this time. 

 WORSHIP:   In this time of worship some will stand, some will sit, some will raise their hands.  Worshiping in songs is very meaningful for us, but we recognize that looks and feels different for each person.  Our goal is to bring all that we are and have to God.  The time closes with a few moments of reflection

MESSAGE & SPIRITUAL FORMATION:  There will be a teaching from the Bible for about 25 minutes. The message is formed from The Holy Bible which we make practical and helpful to your life.  This is followed by  reflecting on the message. This could be in the form of quiet contemplation, group discussion, small group discussions (for which questions to be pondered will be provided.) The purpose of this is to help people process what they have heard. Please participate as you feel comfortable.

COMMUNION: Many of us also like to participate in the remembrance of our Lord’s act of sacrificial love through the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  If communion is a worship practice you like to regularly participate in, please join us.  If communion isn’t something meaningful for you at this time, feel free to pass. We will be sharing communion together in a manner that is safe during this time. Each person will have their own individual “bread and cup.”

OFFERING:  We receive all our financial support from the generous giving of our faith community.

PRAYER:    At the conclusion of the service we also extend an invitation to receive personal prayer.  Trained prayer team members will be available  after the service to support you and pray with you in regards to any particular need you may have

BRUNCH/AFTER SERVICE MEAL:  On occasion we will share a meal together and enjoy each other’s company. This will typically be after worship, preaching/teaching, or other spiritual formation exercise.   All are welcome. Please bring a friend. The church provides the main portion of the meal. If you are a new to The Vineyard, please do not feel you need to bring a dish to share. We always have plenty of food. Please follow our facebook page to be informed on these meals.

Please note: We are trying some different ways of practicing our faith. The goal of which is to help us become better disciples, followers of Jesus. We will do our best to keep you informed. Please check our facebook page for updates. To stay informed please request a weekly email update from Jeff Printy at